The following testimonials are from students that have attended one of our retreats or teacher trainings in the past.

all testimonials are anonymous

“This (Galapagos Retreat) was advertised as a once in a lifetime experience and it certainly was! I loved every aspect of the trip and would recommend both Monte Mar and SUP YO to anyone that would listen. If you ever get the chance to love this experience, grab it!!!”

“Love Jana’s energy and thorough planning! She makes everyone feel welcome…as if you are part of a little family for the weekend.”

“Incredible retreat leaders, amazing location, and just an all around awesome (Back to Earth) weekend!”

“Being in the mountains, yoga and outdoor activities are three of my favorite things! Add in a friendly and enthusiastic group of individuals and you have the makings for the perfect weekend retreat! We couldn’t have asked for better weather! Spectacular! All in all, practically perfect in every way! Jana was accommodating, helpful and is a wonderful yoga instructor!”

“I would love to go on a another retreat with SUP YO! It was an amazing experience that pushed me out of my comfort zone!”

“Between the location, excursions, hosts and the villa, the Galapagos retreat exceeded my expectations. We were well taken care of and the trip was planned perfectly!”

“Lonesome Lake had amazing views with plenty to do for all levels whether it was hiking, paddleboarding or relaxing! Perfect for setting your own goals and challenges based on individual needs or intentions.”

“I truly love the adventurous spirit that Jana brings to every event. She stays positive even when unplanned or unpleasant things pop up. I have done her SUP yoga, hikes, weekend retreats and am off to Croatia with SUP Yo in Sept. Cannot wait!!!”

“The weekend getaway was very well planned out, especially with a great plan B in place for when the weather didn’t cooperate! The location was central to all activities and the yoga classes were a great way to start and end the day!”

“Great SNOWGA retreat with Sup-Yo and Jana!! Wonderful way to get outside and enjoy Nature in the winter when usually I would just stay indoors and hibernate for the winter.”

“Everything (on the Galapagos Retreat) was so well planned, the excursion, the food and the accommodations were impeccable!!! Jana and Leslie’s yoga classes were great. I loved Monte Mar Villa! Our hosts were so gracious!”

“This retreat exceeded my Icelandic dreams and expectations. The adventures were made that much more enjoyable by the congenial and generous group of women.”

“The energy of this group was so open and so welcoming! Snow shoeing was full of laughter and beautiful views, even if there wasn’t all that much snow!”

“It is difficult to pick just one thing as the “most” enjoyable! The location, the group of individuals participating in the retreat, the food, the instruction — all of these aspects culminated in a spectacular weekend!”

“I love the idea of studying, practicing SUP YOGA in nature, meeting new friends, exchanging experiences, spending time together, learning with fun…and Jana is amazing teacher. You can always ask question, she delivered what she promised…”

“Everything about this retreat was perfection!! Sure, its easy because Croatia is an AMAZING country but Jana organized the retreat so well, allowing retreaters who love adventure to get in tons of awesome activities in one week! I am 100% planning on going back to this amazing country and would even do every single one of the activities again!! SO FUN!!”

“I can’t wait for the next retreat!!!”

“Love Jana’s energy and thorough planning! She makes everyone feel welcome…as if you are part of a little family for the weekend.”

“The retreat & teacher training experience was incredible! I really loved all that I learned and all of the people I had the opportunity to meet! Friendships have been made that will last a life time no doubt!”

“Such an amazing experience with great people! Jana really knows how to provide a total experience. Whether you are a new yogi, a dabbler or a pro, I highly recommend you attend one of her retreats.” -Traci

“A new adventure awaits you! SUP YO in the most intriguing locations like islands in the Mediterranean or in one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Discover pushing your limits on adventures in exotic locales around the world.”  

“I am already eager for next year’s retreat!! Isla Mujeres is an amazing place and Na Balam is spectacular! Jana and Emilie did such a great job organizing this retreat and made it very fun for me while I was there! Jana’s instruction throughout SUP Yo training was very organized and thorough and she made it very exciting and fun for me and the other trainees. The yoga classes offered at Na Balam through the Vastu School of Yoga gave me amazing and unforgettable yoga experiences and I know I have to go back for more! This retreat really was top notch and I have so many wonderful memories of the views, the island, the food, the retreat leaders and participants and so much more!! 10 out of 10 stars, would TOTALLY recommend!”

“I attended this (Nature, Harmony & Horses) retreat without ever having personally met any of the teachers. I was blown away.  Jana and Gail are remarkably skilled professional yoga instructors, but so accessible and relatable.  Their company is comfort personified.  They created an atmosphere that was intimate yet not overreaching, poignant yet fun, energetic yet relaxing.  Gerry (the ranch owner) and his horses are likewise incredible teachers.  In their collective hands, yoga on boards, and horses (wow!), and the deck of that beautiful ranch (that turned out amazing food!), is some kind of next-level, unforgettable wonderful.” -Julie

“This (Adventures of Croatia Retreat) was one of my favorite retreats, having been on several other retreats, well organized and all of the excursions were amazing, complete with great transfers to each one great guides and great locations!! This was overall a very memorable trip filled with lots of activities, great country, amazing food and a fabulous leader, Jana!!! Thanks for all your planning and time you put into making this adventure so awesome!!!!!”